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narciso eco scarf rectangular

Scarf Navy RT 01

narciso eco scarf rectangular

Scarf Bege RT 02

narciso eco scarf rectangular

Scarf Olive RT 03


narciso eco scarf square

Scarf Navy SQ 01

Scarf Bege SQ 02

narciso eco scarf square

Scarf Olive SQ 03


narciso eco tote bag circle

Tote Bag Circle 01

narciso eco tote bag still

Tote Bag Still 01


narciso eco pillow circle

Pillow Circle 01

narciso eco pillow still

Pillow Still 01


This limited edition collection openly interprets the Greek myths of Narcissus and Echo.

When the nymph Echo sets her eyes on Narcissus, she immediately falls in love. Narcissus, however, has only eyes for himself.

Mesmerized by his own reflection on the water, he drowns.

From sorrow, Echo transforms herself into the forest, all her bones turned to stone.

In this one of kind print, this myth gets revisited once again: Echo is to be found everywhere and Narcissus is still lost in his vanity.

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